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Invisible Friend

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Write a story about an imaginary friend that you have. Boy or girl, either one. The maximum amount of words is 400. Write about an adventure somewhere and include lots of details! Deadline March 10, 2012

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‘My Friend - The Invisible Guide’

“A surprising and miraculous dream , the terrains,mountains,grasslands,woods  and the most interesting and refreshing , the flute music. I couldn’t figure out what exactly I saw”, said varsha, to her friend kripa.”Yeah…you are always on your dream journey right? Please leave me, I don’t have time to listen to your vivid creations”. Kripa bounced back. The lazy Sunday morning in the hostel was more lethargic ,with the completion of the mid-term exams.Varsha could not resist herself from the excitement generated by the dream she had last night. This was not an ordinary dream, it was different, it was special as it beckoned her again and again. The breakfast bell woke her up from her dream thoughts. “Come on now, We should have our breakfast before the bread sandwich becomes stone sandwich” shouted Kripa who had already taken bath and was ready with her ‘mickey mouse’ coffee cup and ‘pooh’ plate.Kripa was a cartoon lover. More than cartoons, she loved the characters. Students started rushing downstairs for the tasty and yummy Sunday special breakfast. Varsha still lost out in her thoughts, accompanied Kripa mechanically. The dining hall was huge. It had long brick made tables and benches. To the right side of the hall, there was a hand wash area. The day went off well with not much happenings, as it was a holiday and it went peaceful.Varsha was captured by the same dream that night, but this time it prolonged. She could feel the fragrance of the breeze, when she walked through the deep forest, which made her energized and relaxed. She could hear the chirpy twittering of birds, which she tried to comprehend but could not. She continued walking. Now, the road became hard, with thorns and stones. It was not easy to walk anymore. It was getting darker and darker.Varsha got scared. There were two ways now. Which way to choose? She was confused. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate, forgetting her fear. She could focus on the flute music. She chose the path directing to the melodious music. Slowly she walked with faith, with trust in her invisible friend, the flute player, her soul mate. Finally, she reached a garden with beautiful flowers and fruits. It was a magic land with rivers of milk, honey and rose water flowing. Trees filled with candies and chocolates! I am so happy, so delighted to reach my dream land with my invisible friend. I love you Lord, you are my friend, who always showed me the right path to success and joy. Even if I don’t have anyone, I have you as my friend, please be always on my side, prayed little Varsha who woke up fresh in the next morning.

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i like the big words but it is  sorts hard to understand.
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my now invisible friend


me and my best friend always mucked about but i never knew this could happen from having a laugh i was to blame i was chasing her with a stick of course she ran but she ran into the road shes dead but shes invisible a ghost she only lets other people see her if she wants shes not quite an angle yet

i died soon after her...

two weeks ago...

i was devistated after her death i didnt go school i didnt leve my room i couldnt i was staring a the ceeling she was there

"can i only see you i must be illostionating"

"no im here"she said like nothing happend

"how but how"

"im a ghost not an angle yet"she whispered with a slight of sarcasm

wait i dont just dissaper after death i stay

"yer , amazed wow wouldnt go that far , yes im lesting to your thoughts , no i cant stop"she laughed "when are you going to die but it has to be an acident not suiicid otherwise its hell!"

"what you want me to die " my mum came in she thought i was seeing things so the next day was a theropy lesson

"mum, im fine i dont need some freak teeling me its not real"i asid as i was yanking her arm. "i knew it wasnt real your talk really helped" i lied

'still going no matter what"she almost shouted

amber was there again in the room she kept snigering and mimiking the man. after the lesson she said "its ok "in a funny voice "its not real you dont need to die because you think your the cause of her death"

i got to walk home because mum was stuck in traffic amber was floating sometimes above me i kept laughing because of her people kept staring thinking i had gone mad i was mad to them but i knew the truth i knew the real thng and i was going to die soon maybe "what will i do and how can i " i asked amber she looked at the road with her thinking face on

"there in the road i'll think of something that will scare you to make you jump into the road and for me i'll scare the" she tralled of "when ever you feel ready to die tell me"she said as if it was no biggi

ok i said a few days after on friday the 13th in two dayes time i said i love you to every one i knew and they wondered why why i was doing what i was doing

i saw her in the car then a monster thing came rushing towards me of course iscreamed anbd ran in the road she distracked the driver  so he would drive in to me the last thing i heard was the amblance coming and people crying and feat gathering around me i i was dead
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