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Summer Pool Party

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I know its winter, but let's remember the good summer days! Write a story about a fun summer pool party. You may NOT include these words:

  • pool
  • friends
  • soda
  • sun
  • burn
  • diving
  • pizza
  • long


It must be at least 200 words no more than 400. Deadline March 24, 2012.

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It was morning and the rays were shining on me as i was lying on my bed... I heard a yell from the back garden near my extra large swimming pool as the worker was cleaning, ' Selena! come and have your breakfast ', yelled my mother. I rushed to the bathroom and brushed and showered. I already knew this was the start of a boring day. I ran down the stairs and sat at the table with my granny, grandpa, mum, dad, sister and my brother. They all seemed ready for doing something. My mum and granny were going for shopping, my sister and brother were getting ready to go to college and my grandpa and my dad were getting ready to go to office, and i was the only one without any work to do...

   My summer holidays were on and i had totally nothing to do. All my class mates had planned a holiday out of town and only four of my class mates were like me, just so bored and idle. An idea suddenly struck my head an i had a look at the pool which was being cleaned by the worker. Since it was a sunny day and the pool was also being cleaned, i thought of calling my friends over for a pool party! I firstly ran to my mum who was nearly leaving and informed her about my plan and she allowed me. I called all of them and only three of them could attend the party. I set the table beside the pool and arranged the foods on it. i kept cookies and chocolate mousse and everything needed. My friends arrived and we all changed into our costumes and jumped in! The water was cold and really chilling as a shiver ran down my spine making me shiver like a fish...

   The cookies were on the table and we were all quite hungry so we ate up all the cookies and then asked the chef to make some french fries for us and he prepared them with tomato ketchup and we ate it all with some tasty and sweet litchee juice. We then went back into the pool and left the chocolates for afterwards. We played ' Shark! Shark! Shark! ' and we also played life saver. It was a blast and when we were tired, we came out and changed into our clothes and ate the chocolates. That was a great day as we changed the boredom into fun! It was truly an amazing day and we did really enjoy it.
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Cool story!
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"Get your head out of those books Margaret and come help in the garden!" my stepmother cocked. She just cant stand that i'm learning.

As you know, every girl has her own story. Well heres mine. I live with my cruel family and work my butt off all day long. But heres the catch. I read. My mind is set on reading. It makes me happy. All those long days of stress and work are relaxed upon me as I read the precise words on each page. Im a fast reader. I mean I love to read. So I do it in all of my extra time. You may think I go to the pool to hang out with friends and drink soda while the sun burns my body while diving into my extra long pizza. But no thats not my life.

So as my mom says that phrase to me I cant help but have a snippy attitude in my voice. "Coming!" I yell back. Ugh. Sometimes she drives me nuts.


"Now remember honey. Dont be afraid. He will be waiting at the end of the aisle!" My mother peeped. She was thrilled I was getting married. It clearly stated on her face. It made the emotion come to me as well.

"Ya ya," I say. I cant believe this day actually came. My wedding day. I never knew some man out there was wanting a book warm, unfortunate girl like me. But he did. His name was Alfred. It went perfect with Margaret. I smiled and then they opened the doors as I walked down the aisle.



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There I sat with my sister.  The party before summer ends.  The LAST party before summer ends.  Not sure whose house it was, didn't care really.  


“What is that giant ball of fire doing in the sky?”  My sister asked as she put her hand up to create a shadow for her eyes.


“You really should leave the computer lab more often.”  I said.


“And do what?  This?  I think I feel my skin sizzle.  Do I look red?”  She glanced at her arm while still blocking her eyes.  “I can’t tell.”


“Neither can I.  I’m blinded by the reflection off your glowing white skin.”  I glanced at her and winced as we both laughed.  


“Fair enough.  Well, I did buy a bikini for this event so I suppose I should walk around and show it off.”  She stood up and adjusted her towel on the back of the chair.


“Just let me walk in front of you so I can pass out shades to minimize blindness.  I like these people.”


“These are really fun people.   I can see why you leave the computer lab so much.”


“Because I hate computers.  Don’t let my life confuse you.”  I giggled then pointed at the table of food.  “It looks as if the hot dogs are done.  Let’s go see if we can ruin that perfect body of yours so I can look better.”


We continued to poke fun and giggle through the evening.  We shared many laughs and made new memories.  Nothing is as magical as time spent with the people you enjoy.  Oh, and I got her to eat 4 hot dogs.  I’m looking great!


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I know the window closed on this one quite a while ago.  It looked as if it needed a great response to close it out and send it on it's way.  (ok, it looked like FUN!)
That was a fun read. Welcome to ThinkWrite, Jenterry. :-)