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ThinkWrite Challenge LXXXIV

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I'm not setting a theme for this ThinkWrite challenge, so go ahead and write about any topic you'd like! As always, no poetry please and feel free to use any form of the word, be it a plural, past/future tense, etc. =)

Word List:










Word Limit: Minimum = none. Maximum = 400 words.

Judgment Day: I will judge this in two weeks, on MARCH 12. If no one or only one person has responded by that day, I will lengthen the deadline by one week. If there is still only one response after the extended deadline, that person will win the challenge.

Questions, Concerns or Thoughts?: Comment or send me a personal message.

set Feb 27, 2012 by workingoutaname (558 points)

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The latest craze among the students was a game they designed called dare or trivia. It was an odd twist of the old game truth or dare. Usually the stunts were nothing beyond embarrassing things like dressing as Superman, using a blue highlighter to paint on your body suit. Of course, you only had to to do a dare if you failed to answer the trivia question. Denton, nicked named Brain, was surprised when he was invited to the party. When they included him in the game he was sure he would be fine, he excelled at trivia. He had no idea that the questions had been researched for weeks. He entered into the contest and with ease passed the first round with little difficulty and then the questions began to get him worried. Denton furthermore couldn't figure out how the others could answer so easily. When he was asked how to find the area of a cone, he was stumped and had to take the dare. He was dared to cross the clothesline that stretched between the buildings. He took the dare and when he got to the middle the school bully shook the line. No one spoke a word as he fell and crumpled into the alley below.


answered Mar 3, 2012 by arscarvi (102 points)
selected Mar 14, 2012 by workingoutaname
Wow. That ending really caught me off guard. I was expecting a nice little story about a new type of game and what I got was NOT that. Do not get me wrong, though. I like being surprised, shocked, caught off guard: so well done on that count!
The only problem I noticed was one part where you say "he was dares to cross..." where it should read "he was dared to cross" or "they dared him to cross". Other than that, I noticed nothing to critique at all.
The story was very well written, and I liked the pace you took with it. It felt like it was moving slowly and then as the climax of the piece approached, your pace changed to be faster -  moving through the party at a quick speed until the last sentence brought it home. I really hope that makes sense; if it doesn't, suffice it to say that I really really liked this!

I don't think I've said welcome to you yet, although I notice you have been here before! So Welcome!!! :D
Thanks missed the typo.  i am very glad you liked it.
I like it too. Maybe it could use a violent content warning at the brginning, but that's all. Well done.
Congratulations, arscarvi! You're next to create a ThinkWrite Challenge! If you have any questions, send a personal message my way. :)
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A Short Lament  

     I fear this site has died. There are almost no challenges and few responses, so few that notes are added that the dead line will be extended if needs be, the sign of a dead site if ever there was one. There is nothing to highlight, no design and not even much trivia. Has the craze for writing been lost? Are we all brain dead? Is there no wish to excel? This was once a super site, but there seems to be little left except a dim flickering sign that says fail. Where are all the bright young things, the old squares, the cone heads and the undiscovered great writers? Where indeed !

answered Feb 27, 2012 by Saxon (665 points)
Where indeed, Saxon! A truer statement was never spoken. Where is everyone?! Where?!
And will I have to wait until the 19th to find out if my pathetic offering is the winner. It has, after all, used all the words and is within the word count! LOL
I've been trying to get on Think Write for days and kept getting a message that the site is unavailable. I'm sure I'm not the only one, so those that didn't give up should be back soon.
Really. Hmm. The plot thickens.

We'll have to see what happens.
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I can't even begin to describe the craze in my office this week. We were supposed to design the marketing strategy for a new ice cream brand called Super Cone. It was a really big client and we all wanted to get the account. Some of the attempts were pathetic, some hilarious, some were complete failures. There were lots of Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, PostIts and highlighters going around. Personally, I don't like all the modern technology. I like using my brain and I like things that make me think. That's why I think my idea is going to win. I probably shouldn't be telling you any of this, but I'm so excited I have to share it with someone. My idea is... trivia! Isn't it brilliant? In each Super Cone there should be a piece of trivia. At the end of each commercial there should be a fun fact. Let kids (and grown-ups) enjoy their desserts and learn!
*   *   *
(Later at an office meeting)
"... their desserts and learn!"
"Dave, that's the stupidest thing I ever heard."
"Jane, what about you? I see you made a chart."
answered Feb 28, 2012 by Spots (1,029 points)
Okay, so bonus points for the fact that I actually laughed out loud at the end of this! Nice job. And personally, I like the trivia idea...
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Life unveils a lot of surprises every now and then. The craze created by different things is unending and at the same time short lived. Life can be designed in a spectacular and beautiful way, if we take an initiative to do so .It all lies in the small pleasures we extract from our lives. A cone can be used as a crown, a cap and also a container .It is all in our hands – the shape of life. It can be sharp or hollow with a point. The point of positivity – the extreme super power in all of us. This can impact the trivia of our lives. Here, I am attempting to highlight the influence of our ‘Self’. The unique and ultimate excelling instrument that can drive us to success. Failures are only the stepping stones which are the Brain’s play.
answered Feb 29, 2012 by Meera Menon (18 points)
Hi all..i am new to TW.Hope you all would encourage and inspire me to be a good writer.I am very passionate about writing.Please provide all your valuable suggesions and feedbacks.
Hi Meera! Welcome to ThinkWrite! I am so sorry I haven't gotten a chance to see this response yet!! I just read it and I must say, it is very interesting.
A few critiques, first. In a few places, your periods are misplaced. They are put in front of a sentence instead of at the end of the previous one (like this: "...initiative to do so .It all lies..." instead of what it should be: "...initiative to do so. It all lies..."). That's an easy fix though. I think in places the meaning of what you're saying is hard to understand. The last sentence especially I did not understand.
All that said, you do have some interesting and, I think, valuable ideas here. And although it is not exactly a "story", I do think it is very interesting to read.

Once again, Welcome to ThinkWrite. Feel free to ask if you need help with anything. We have many challenges here that you can try out. Even if a challenge is "closed" and the submission deadline has passed you can still post a response and get feedback. (:
That was very nice, Meera. Welcome to ThinkWrite and, as workingoutaname said, don't hesitate to ask for any help and do look around, even at old challenges.
I'd just like to add one thing. Lately, this site has had spurts of high activity and periods of very little activity. If you see no response/comment for a while, be patient, better times will come. And keep writing, you're doing a good job!
Thank You so much workingoutaname.Your feedback was encouraging and enlightning.I will keep this in mind in my next work.Once again thanks a lot.
Thank You Spots.I will see the old challenges too.Thank you for the support.
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The highlight of the evening was a  Super Trivia Pusiut Game, it was Cheryl's idea for us to join in  the trivia craze ,all I could think of was please brain don't  fail me now. Cheryl can excel easily at this game ,me well I feel like the design of the way the tables are set up and where our table is ,if I lose I 'll be wearing the cone shaped dunce cap,Na that an't happinin!!!
answered Mar 3, 2012 by bbigffish (14 points)
edited Mar 3, 2012 by bbigffish
haha, that made me laugh, bbigffish! I think it could use some fixing, your punctuation is in the wrong place in some areas. Other than that, it was quite funny and that's always good. (:

Welcome to ThinkWrite!